Cue is developing advanced technology and manufacturing to solve important global healthcare problems

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The Cue Health Monitoring System

We are developing a connected diagnostic platform for use in the home and by healthcare professionals to enable fast and convenient access to health information through a range of simple, self-serve tests that deliver results to your mobile device in minutes.

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Cue Cartridges

Collect a small sample and slide it into one of Cue’s disposable cartridges, which use advanced DNA/RNA amplification and immunoassay chemistry to convert it to digital information that is sent to your mobile device. It works the same for professionals and consumers alike.

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For consumers, Cue’s software delivers a personalized mobile health dashboard, which stores test results and connects directly with on-demand telemedicine and prescription services. For professionals, Cue’s software provides a platform for managing patient test histories and the ability to connect with patients for follow-up including telemedicine consults and prescription services.


Interdisciplinary Team

Our team is made up of talented individuals who share a passion to improve healthcare delivery worldwide. Our culture is dynamic, fast-paced, energetic, and innovative.